Fleet Management

It offers maintenance management and more, including vehicle purchase and disposal, Accident Services, fleet strategy and policy management. Customers often use Fleet Management to assess the cost of running their fleet before they review what overall fleet management arrangement would best suit their needs.

Why use Fleet Management?
  • Time savings
  • Reduced administration
  • Cost savings
  • Competitive prices
  • Best resale prices achieved at the end of the contract
  • Better control
  • Detailed reports identifying fleet running costs
  • 24 Hrs Support/Road Assistance
  • Vehicle Service Management
  • Support with R TO and Civil administration
  • Support for best quotes for the purchase of new car
  • Support for the best quotes to sell the car
Fleet Management Scope

1. Fleet Maintenance & Servicing Management

  • Managing a Schedule for Regular Vehicle Servicing.
  • Estimate of the Servicing/Repair
  • Credit facility with the workshop
  • Bills/Payment coordination with Workshop.
  • Ensure proper servicing of vehicle.

2. Fleet Administration

  • Duty roster maintenance of the drivers
  • Ensure discipline among the driver
  • Leave record and duty management
  • Regular Training and Briefing of drivers.

3. Replacement Vehicle

Replacement vehicle shall be provided in case of:

  • Vehicle under repair or servicing
  • Vehicle breakdown or accident

Relevant charges for above service shall be applicable.

4. Accident & Break down Management

  • On-site support at accident/breakdown site.
  • Provision of a 24 Hour helpline.
  • Managing communication with Police and civil authorities
  • Managing communication with Third party (if any).
  • Vehicle recovery & repair.

5. Fuel Management

Accurate reporting is key to manage fuel expenses. And the FORMULA Fleet Management Fuel Management Program can provide a fuel management solution with one card convenience. It allows you to monitor fuel expenses and reduce costs, giving you control over everything—from preventing unauthorized purchases, to spending limits and tracking non-fuel purchases, to limiting or restricting certain fuel types (such as premium or diesel). Most importantly, the Formula Technology provides online monthly reports which reduce administrative time and help determine the fuel efficiency and usage for every driver in your fleet.

Benefits of FORMULA Fuel Management Program

  • Petro Card (On All Bharat Petroleum Pumps accepted)
  • Maintain and monitor of Petro card usage
  • Intimation on the Balance
  • Recharge intimation
  • Purchase alerts
  • Online access to view the transaction to prevent misuse
  • Fuel average report using Formula Technology.
  • Monthly Summary Report

6. Fleet Insurance Support

  • Advisory on the Insurance policy.
  • Documentation Management for policies.
  • Intimation and quotation on the due insurance
  • Site inspection by the Insurance authorities
  • Assistance in claim cases
  • Support in getting the cash less repair against insurance
  • Ensuring Accuracy & transparency in Claim process.
  • Management of Policy Renewals.

7. Vehicle Tracking Technology.

GPS technology and integrated telecommunications to give you a real-time snapshot of everything you need to know about your fleet in order to control operating expenses, utilization, productivity, and security. The system sends, receives and stores information about each vehicle in your fleet, providing vehicle tracking and diagnostics. With FORMULA Fleet Management and telematics, we can help you gain fleet efficiency through monitoring of emissions, driver routing, vehicle speed and idle times, system diagnostics and proper maintenance—decreasing vehicle downtime and extend the fleet’s longevity.


  • Timely vehicle status reporting
  • 24/7 vehicle location
  • Vehicle speed and idle time
  • Driving report
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Kilometer reports
  • Distance report
  • Scheduled maintenance alerts
  • Easy to use hardware built for commercial use

With GPS Technology, you’ll be able to utilize your fleet more efficiently, save money on fuel, lower repair and maintenance costs and reduce breakdowns and preventable accidents—making the GPS system a truly revolutionary and indispensable component of your fleet management program.